Audrey Fleurot with "30 pounds more" : the star of "HPI" confides as rarely on his depression!

Audrey Fleurot puts on the costume of the woman with an IQ greater than 130 this Thursday, May 12 on TF1. After a very successful season 1, the actress is therefore returning to bring her grain of madness and her humor, which everyone knows her, for new episodes in which she will once again play Morgane, this gifted and crazy housekeeper who leads the investigation in an atypical way.

A character that totally matches the actress? Not so sure. If it is true that Audrey Fleurot does indeed have a crazy side as some have seen in season 2 of Lol, who laughs comes out on Prime Video, the actress with tawny hair also hides heavy secrets or, at least, memories that she would perhaps like to forget and which have caused her a lot of harm. Like in particular his baby blues after the birth of his son Lou. A bad period that she evoked with our colleagues from Huffington Post in 2018.

demons of the past

“After having wanted my son so much, I had what is called a big baby blues”she begins before “justifying” this post-pregnancy depression: “I didn’t have time to look at my belly. […] Nine months is how long it takes to get used to the idea, and since I didn’t have time to enjoy it, I think it took the next nine months”. Today, Audrey Fleurot is doing better and remains a happy mother in her new role, who will undoubtedly fill her marvel with love and will do everything so that he does not experience a complicated adolescence as was the case for his mother.

Not that the actress suffered harassment from her comrades, but she confessed to our colleagues of Gala that she wasn’t as “sexy” as she was today when she was at school: “As a teenager, I was very ugly. As I am myopic, I wore glasses with thick lenses […], I had two braces, thirty kilos more. When someone sends me back a very rewarding image physically, I want to say: “But if you only knew how much of a scam I am!”, because in my head, I’m still that teenager there!”.

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