Audience at Windsor Castle: The Queen shows herself in public

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Audience at Windsor Castle
The Queen shows herself in public

Due to ongoing health problems, the Queen has to cancel several appointments. A planned public appearance last Sunday is also canceled. Now, however, Elizabeth II is again fulfilling one of her obligations. Can that allay worries about the 95-year-old?

Last Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II was supposed to attend a public appointment for the first time since the rest period prescribed for her. Participation in a memorial service on the occasion of “Remembrance Day” in London, however, had to be canceled by the Queen at short notice, “disappointed”. The reason was back problems, said the palace. The 95-year-old had already refrained from appearing in person on several occasions.

But now the monarch received Sir Nick Carter for an audience at Windsor Castle. Carter, the Chief of Defense Staff for the UK Armed Forces, will be retiring at the end of the month. Elizabeth II greeted him with a smile, shook his hand and said that his end was “pretty sad,” reports the British BBC. The palace also published a picture of the audience on Instagram.

The Queen is said to have met personally with Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week. Now, however, it is the first time in around a month that she can be seen in person at a public appointment.

Only “light duties”

Elizabeth II had initially canceled a trip to Northern Ireland in the past few weeks and spent one night in a clinic. The palace justified the hospital stay with “preliminary examinations”. The queen should then step down for the time being. Later she had to cancel her personal participation in the climate conference in Glasgow. However, she responded to the meeting by video message.

At the end of October it became known that the monarch had to continue to take care of herself on medical advice. She was advised “that she should continue to rest for at least the next two weeks”. She should only perform “light duties at the desk”. The renewed quiet was ordered as a “precautionary measure”, reported the daily “The Guardian”.

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