Aude bikers fear the unexpected return of technical control on October 1, 2022

“Notice to drivers of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, quads, technical control should become compulsory for motorized two-wheelers, three-wheelers and quadricycles from October 1, 2022.” This announcement on the administration’s official website once again arouses an outcry among the biker federations.

The bikers thought they had done the hardest part, when at the end of March the Council of State acted on the abolition of technical control for two wheels. On the recommendations of Europe and the same Council of State, the government was nevertheless to provide an “alternative” solution which was not proposed. To everyone’s surprise, motorcycles and scooters over 125 cc should therefore undergo a control from October 1 of this year.

“Punitive policy”

The obligation to submit motorcycles and scooters to a periodic technical inspection is a measure imposed by Europe on all its Member States, “unless the latter put in place concrete measures to reduce road fatalities and polluting emissions”.

The Aude Bikers Association (MDA11) cries foul by evoking “a punitive policy against all road users”, “an unjust and tyrannical ecology” which would have spared nothing to motorcyclists: radars, limitations “excessive speeds in non-accident zones”license point, Crit’Air vignettes.

MDA11 remobilizes

Insisting that the motorcycle is “often the only means of transport of its owner, even his work tool”the Aude association stresses that the maintenance of the machines “is almost daily”. The president and the office of the MDA11 nevertheless put “a point of honor to remind each of the members, and before each big outing, of the need for a check-control of their motorcycle (tyres, brakes, lighting, etc…)”

As an alternative measure to the reduction of mortality and polluting emissions, demanded by the Council of State and the European Union, the Motards de l’Aude propose to tackle real dangerous behavior: “telephone while driving, non-use of indicators, mirrors, alcohol, drugs”… and road conditions. “It’s time that taxpayers’ money was really used for our security”.

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