Aude: 38 kilos of cocaine were seized near Narbonne by investigators

The investigation services seized 38 kilos of cocaine, worth 2 million euros for resale, near Narbonne. Three people were arrested and charged.

It all started on Friday, November 18. Investigators from the Montpellier anti-narcotics office seized 38 kilos of cocaine, worth 2 million euros on resale. The main suspect is a 50-year-old man. He had part of the goods with him, he was arrested in the vineyards near Narbonne. The rest of these narcotics were with his sidekick, a 19-year-old young man, who was arrested at Narbonne station that same day.

According to the public prosecutor, Eric Camous, “certain elements have convinced that a woman was also involved”. She was also arrested by the police as part of a judicial investigation. “The investigating judge was seized. These three people were presented in court on Monday, November 21. They were indicted and presented to the judge of freedoms and detention who ordered their provisional imprisonment”details the prosecutor.

A “quick” deal

An important device had been put in place by the police before the arrest of the alleged leader of the gang: “We were faced with a man who was extremely experienced and experienced in police methods. We had to use operational and technical stratagems to arrest him”underlines the commander Hervé Magot of the territorial direction of the judicial police of Montpellier.

The public prosecutor, Eric Camous, explained the elements of this case.

The public prosecutor adds: “It was a pro-active investigation, it was quick. We knew there was going to be a narcotics case in Aude, we quickly turned to the main suspect.” The goods, which were intercepted, were not going to be redistributed illegally in the department but were intended to be sold elsewhere.

The alleged perpetrator lives in Cuxac-d’Aude

The main alleged perpetrator has already been convicted three times by the courts for smuggling and transporting narcotics. “The first time was in 2003. He was then sentenced in 2018, knowing that he had been judged, by the court of Béziers, to six years of imprisonment. The court of appeal had reduced his sentence”, says the prosecutor. And to continue: “He was on legal recidivism. He was placed on parole on February 8, 2021. With the promise not to do it again.”

The public prosecutor of Narbonne holds a press conference announcing the seizure of 38 kilos of cocaine for a value of 2 million euros. Three people were arrested, charged and jailed.

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According to the prosecution, this man is not just a traffic kingpin. “Several elements suggest that he is the sole master builder. He lived with Cuxac-d’Aude with his whole family.” During his police custody, he would have confided that he did not have many resources and that he would be in great financial difficulty.

As for his associates, the youngest, who had the rest of the narcotics with him, was sentenced once by the courts. The woman, she had no mention on her criminal record. The public prosecutor, Éric Camous, concluded by recalling that the investigation services which were mobilized came from the territorial judicial police service. “Currently we have an interdepartmental judicial police, it would be dangerous to detach from their skills.”

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