“Attempts to scam”: beware of this scam if you shop in France

Published: November 19, 2022 at 2:28 p.m. Reading time: 3 minSharing: Special gift bag, bicycle… Beware of this new scam circulating. Currently on Facebook, a page called “Auchan fans” says to win gifts for its subscribers who comment on its page, indicates The voice of the North.

“To celebrate 14 years of Auchan, we are sending a special gift bag to everyone who writes “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on our PAGE Good luck!! “, indicates for example a publication posted at the beginning of the month of November.

Thousands of people, dangling a payoff, comment on the page. To which “Auchan fans”, which uses the brand identity of the hypermarket brand created in the North, responds in commentary: “Hello [nom de la personne qui a commenté la publication] ! Just one more step. Press the register button located at the top of our page to validate your registration. Good luck. The post has been commented on over 40,000 times, shared over 2,600 times and “liked” over 5,400 times.

A first piece of information makes it possible to realize that it is a scam: the supposed anniversary of Auchan. The brand cannot celebrate its 14th birthday, as the publication indicates, since it was founded by Gérard Mulliez in 1961: it is therefore 61 years old. Moreover, the information available on the page (in the “page transparency” section) shows that it was created on November 8, especially for its first publication.

Same thing, in a publication dated November 18: the concept is the same, but with, this time, the promise of another gain. “To celebrate Christmas this year, we will send bikes to everyone who shares and comments on ‘Merry Christmas’ before November 21”, writes the fake page, “Auchan fans”.

Phishing attempt

It is obviously a scam: the registration button on which “Auchan fans” asks you to click redirects to a “sites.google.com” page of more than questionable quality. There, “Auchan Fans” asks its subscribers to “make sure to respect the rules of this contest”, namely: share the publication and identify their friends for their Facebook page, in order to massively spread the scam.

Once this step has been validated, you can “claim your reward” by clicking on another link, which will take you to another site… which has nothing to do with the (doubtful) world of “Auchan fans”: again a shady element. There, yet another clue allows you to realize that it is a scam: you are asked, to “win a Halloween pack”, to enter your contact details (surname, first name, address, mobile phone, postal code, email …), while the (false) basic lot was “a gift bag”, or “a bicycle”.

Indeed, you are not asked for your credit card information, but by giving your phone number or email address to a site you know nothing about, you are exposing yourself to phishing attempts, and possible hacking of your data. banks in a few days, weeks, or months.

Auchan, whose “Auchan Fans” page reuses the identity, recalls, for its part, on its site: “Malicious messages and/or calls concerning the winning of a check for €500 or other gift following a game are sent in the name of the Auchan brand. Senders are fraudulently using the names of our Auchan and Auchan.fr brands as well as our partners. Auchan Retail France does not carry out any campaign of this type and categorically condemns these attempts at fraud. For any request for additional information, you can contact Auchan Customer Service on 09 69 32 59 59 (non-surcharged call)”.

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