Attempted murder in Mouscron: Cédric, 42, stayed 100 meters on the hood of the fugitive, “his vital prognosis is still engaged”

This Wednesday, shortly before midnight, the Mont-à-Leux district was the scene of attempted murder. We now know more about the circumstances of this act which occurred in the direction of traffic from the French border to the screaming city.

According to our information, while he had witnessed the scene of a car hitting a lady, Cédric, 42, a resident of the Grand-Rue decided to intervene in front of the vehicle, before jumping on the hood to try to stop the driver.

►► The latter continued to zigzag over a hundred meters in order to bring down the victim.

►► The balance sheet is heavy for Cédric: “He is still in a coma and his vital prognosis is still engaged”.

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