Attempted kidnapping of a young woman by two men in Saint-Nicolas: the police are looking for the witness!

On April 30, around 8 p.m., a young woman was traveling rue Hellin, in Saint-Nicolas. At the Franssen garage, she was accosted by two men who tried to kidnap her. These two suspects were traveling in a vehicle. We obviously do not know the final intention pursued by the two lads, but the victim was fortunately able to avoid the attack. No physical violence was used.

Do not panic: this is currently the only fact recorded on the zonal territory.

As part of this kidnapping attempt, the Ans/Saint-Nicolas police are looking for a witness who spoke to the victim directly after the incident, to inquire about his condition. Unfortunately, this witness had disappeared by the time the police arrived at the scene. He left no name or address. His testimony could, however, be valuable to investigators.

“The witness is a Caucasian man, aged around 30, and the driver of a light gray Audi A3. We do not have any more information about him, ”says the Ans / Saint-Nicolas police zone on its Facebook page.

And the cameras?

Anyone living nearby who has a security camera can contact the police. The network of private security cameras is known to the police, but these cameras must be legally declared. This is not always the case, which is why the police are also looking for the owners of unregistered devices.

If you have any information in connection with these facts, please contact the Local Research Service as soon as possible, and more specifically Inspector Roomans, who can be reached at 04/320.22.54 or by email at ZP.Nissan.Recherche

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