“Attack On Titan” Season 4, Part 2 – Watch the finale now in the stream

Both the anime and the manga “Attack On Titan” will end in 2021. But there are still final episodes right at the beginning of the year.

For a long time there has been constant talk about the end of the anime series and the manga of the same name “Attack On Titan”. And now it is imminent and it is sealed.

It goes on again and then to the end: See the last episodes in Germany

  • Handkerchiefs out, because soon we can say goodbye to a wonderful anime series. From January 9, 2022, the new episodes of the second part of the fourth season, or shorter: the series finale, available online at Crunchyroll with subtitles in Germany.
  • A new episode appears every week. At the January 16, 2022 so it goes on.
  • You can test the streaming service for 14 days free of charge or use a voucher card to give away the subscription to other fans.
  • In the final sequel from episode 76, the clear line between friend and foe becomes more and more blurred. In Shiganshina the war for Paradis breaks out and during the raging battle, the true intentions of the wire-pullers behind this state of the world become increasingly clear. The trailer shows a little of this:

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 – Anime Trailer

Attack on Titan: Watch episode 76 online now

“Attack On Titan” Season 4, Part 2: Fans knew it beforehand

As some users write on Twitter, the “Paths” arc and the “WFP” arc were not included in the first part of the fourth season, which is why they assumed that a sequel would be officially announced soon and that happened promptly .

„Attack on Titan“: The Final Season

Immediately after the last episode was broadcast, it was confirmed that there should be a second part for the fourth season. This should start on Japanese television in winter.

The last manga episode appeared in April 2021 in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”, on June 9, 2021 the last volume will hit Japanese stores. Hajime Isayama addressed the fans with clarifying farewell words like him Anime2You quotes:

“I’ve been saying over and over for the past eight years that I would finish ‘Attack on Titan’ in three years and now it’s finally getting done. It took a long time, but I hope that you will stay with me until the end. The editorial team never pushed me to quit the show, but I kept getting asked, ‘When does it end?’ Thank you for waiting for me. I will do my best up to the last page so that you are satisfied with what you have read. “

If you want to indulge in the progress of the manga, so can you do it online for free. All volumes are of course also available in paper form, the 33rd volume was published in Germany at the end of August 2021. Volume 34 will be available from February 1, 2022 and can be pre-ordered, as can the slipcase “Attack on Titan” (Volume 31-34 ) will be on the market from February 1, 2022.

Experts stepped forward: one picture – one anime! Do you recognize them all?

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