“Attack on the Revenue Agency”: a hacker group claims. The company that manages the platform denies data theft

LockBita group of hackers operating globally in the business of ransomware“Advertises” on the dark web an alleged cyber attack onRevenue Agency complete with screenshots and a photo with the word “Hacked” on the agency logo. But Sogeithe Mef company that manages the tax platform, denies: “From the first analyzes carried out, no cyber attacks have occurred or have been stolen data from the technological platforms and infrastructures of the financial administration “although” the collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Agency and the Postal Police remains active in order to give maximum support to investigations in progress”. It would therefore be a hoax Lockbit’s claim, which he had explained that he had asked for a ransom.

The company had noticed the announcement of the hacker group Swascan, led by Pierguido Iezzi. “We detected, through our Threat Intelligence monitoring services, a publication of the Russian ransomware gang LockBit ”. The message referred to an exfiltration action of 78 gigabytes of data and explained that the “target” would have until July 31 to pay. The checks and investigations by the company were therefore immediately initiated Police post and the IT technicians of theAgency.

Iezzi himself, consulted by Fattoquotidiano.ithad stressed that to be sure that the intrusion had really occurred it would have been “necessary” to investigate Police post and of the company that manages the technological infrastructures: “No one can know this but Sogei on the one hand and the Postal Police on the other. Again, we have identified an announcement from this gang with screenshots of folders with file names ”. However, LockBit “became cybergang by far in the last quarter most active worldwide in ransomware activities, with over 200 attacks landed between April and June. Ransomware continues to be the main weapon of criminal hackers and, consequently, the main danger for public and private companies ”. “There could be”, adds Iezzi, “also another risk component connected to Cyber ​​crime actions such as that of Lockbit 3.0. In fact, the last few months have solidified even more the links between cybercrime groups and state actors. An attack on the PA has not only potentially economic value deriving from the request for a ransom: the data processed by government agencies can also be an instrument of hybrid warfare. Revealing sensitive information, normally the prerogative of the state alone, can be a powerful lever to create dissent and social tension in an ‘adversary’ nation ”.

The Rome public prosecutor has launched an investigation and an initial report from the Postal Police and in particular from the specialists of the National Cybercrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (Cnaipic). It is not excluded that the investigation activity may involve other pools in addition to prosecutors dealing with computer crimes.

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