ATEEZ thanked ATINY with a live for waiting for them at Music Bank Chile 2022

Due to bad weather, Music Bank Chile 2022 was canceled before ATEEZ could take the stage. The idols had to go back to their hotel, but they made sure to give messages of thanks to all the ATINYs who made an effort to see them in person.

As we already told you, the concert of Music Bank Chile 2022 had to stop in the middle of the show and finally went cancelledas weather conditions continued to worsen due to a storm in Santiago.

ATEEZ He did not show up, so they went out to briefly greet their fans before the event ended definitively. The fans of the K-Pop group could not hide the sadness of the moment, especially knowing that the idols they had had a long trip in the middle of their schedule to be able to be present at the show.

ATEEZ could not perform at Music Bank Chile 2022. | Source: Twitter @ATEEZofficial

After Music Bank Chile 2022, the ATEEZ members returned to their hotel, but made sure to make a live broadcast to communicate with your fans.

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ATEEZ thanked ATINY for coming to see them at Music Bank Chile 2022

The idols appeared in front of the camera and ATINY could see that none of them had changed their outfit for the performance, giving signs that as soon as they got to rest they wanted to send a message to their fans.

ATEEZ did a live after cancellation of Music Bank Chile 2022. | Source: Twitter @JONGHO_DIARYY

All of them agreed that it was a shame that they had not carried out their performance as planned, but explained that the weather was very bad. Yunho said:

It was a pity that we couldn’t do the presentation today, the weather was cold and it was raining a lot.

Also, hongjoong confessed that he felt depressed because in addition to not presenting what they had prepared for the concertthey saw their fans with tears in their eyes for the cancellation of Music Bank Chile 2022:

In the end we went on stage to give our exits, there were fans who were also crying and because of that my heart did not feel good.

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ATEEZ worried about the well-being of fans amid the cold weather in Chile

Throughout the live broadcast, the idols of k pop They let it be seen that even though they couldn’t sing and dance in front of the audience, they hoped everyone could take care of themselves so that the weather doesn’t affect anyone’s health. ATINY:

I hope you make sure to be careful not to catch a cold, let’s cheer up a little and give each other strength together

On the other hand, they could not miss the messages of thanks for, even in the face of difficult weather, the fans maintained their determination to see their favorite group:

The weather was very cold today, but our ATINYs waited a long time to see ATEEZ, thank you very much

ATEEZ said goodbye to Chile with photos from the plane. | Source: Twitter @ATEEZofficial

On the other hand, some idols from TXT, NCT Dream and (G) I-DLE also published special messages for their fans in Chile for what happened.

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