"ATAV 2": Rodolfo Ranni’s millionaire request to participate in the series

The beginning of the recordings of “ATAV 2”, so there is a lot of expectation among viewers. In the last hours, Adrián Suar confirmed the special performances of Martín Bossi, whom they wanted as the protagonist, Darío Barassi, Julieta Díaz, Rafael Ferroamong others.

However, not everyone who searched accepted the offer. According to what he indicated the Pavada from Daily Chronicle, Rodolfo Ranni did not fix his cachetwhom they wanted as a special guest.

It is estimated that he was called for 6 episodes to be recorded in two days at Polka, making Samuel Traumann already old, with a pay of 200 thousand pesos. The actor counteroffered 200 thousand per chaptera figure that was completely out of the budget available for the new season of fiction.

It should be remembered that a completely different cast was sought from that of the first installment, largely due to the reduction of money available. Anyway, “ATAV 2” It is highly anticipated by its followers after the success of the initial season broadcast in 2019.

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