"ATAV 2": reveal details of the relationship between the characters of the two seasons

ATAV-2-when-the-recordings-start-20220511-0034.html” target=”_blank”>Approaches “ATAV 2” after the great success of the first season that was broadcast in 2019. As has been known for a long time, there will be a total change in the cast since a story will be told several decades after the installment in which they starred Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárezamong them.

During an interview in “The Eleven Ten / City Radio”, Lily Ann Martin, scriptwriter of the series, referred to the work they do to finalize details of the production. Besides, explained some connections between the characters that appeared before and the ones that will have their debut in the next few weeks.

“La Polaca’s granddaughter, Ana, is one of the protagonists. Then there is Horacio, who is a theater impresario, director, playwright, who is Trauman’s nephew. So out there he also left you a nice track “, commented first on the relatives of the characters in China Suarez Y Fernan Miras.

“ATAV” returns to television in a short time.

In addition, he added about the moment in which the new story will take place: “We are going to talk about the return of democracy, about the disappeared, about the Malvinas. That out there can generate some criticism from someone”. In any case, Martín made his position clear: “We are writing fiction, I am not going to make a documentary”.

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