"ATAV 2": Martín Bossi will star in an important romance within fiction

Martin Bossy has a 2022 full of work. Beyond his leading role in “Kinky Boots”, one of the most successful musical comedies on Corrientes Street, and his participation in a new Disney seriesthe actor prepares for “ ATAV 2“.

It has long been known that the comedian will be in the second season of the Pol-ka fictionwhereas now The Nonsense of the Chronicle Journal He advanced details of the shooting and his character.

The actor is already recording for “ATAV 2” as the capocomico of the time, simulating a resemblance to Alberto Olmedo (without mentioning him by name and surname) with a character named Orlando Berti.

His participation was in the Avenida theater with Justina Bustos who plays the blonde protagonist of the magazine of the ’80s and Andrea Rinconthe brunette similar to Moria Casan. The Bossi case, which is going to be several chapters in Polka’s fiction, which will air at the end of July-August.

Bossi-Berti will attempt a romance with her co-star, the not-so-dumb blonde who looks like Susana Gimenez. Proper names cannot be used, nor can trademarks because image use rights must be paid.

VIDEO: the first meeting of the cast of “ATAV 2”


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