"ATAV 2": Darío Barassi drew a crowd on the set

“ATAV 2” It still hasn’t had its long-awaited premiere, but filming has been going on without stopping for several weeks. Something that will have the new season will be the participation of different stars like Darío Barassi Y Martin Bossywho will have roles in some chapters but will have a great role.

As reported the pavada of Daily Chronicle, Justina Bustos Y Darío Barassi drew attention in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. Both were recording images for “ATAV 2” in Florida and Lavalle recreating as if it were Mar del Plata.

And it is that the character of the blonde vedette, Ana, granddaughter of the Polish woman who did China Suarez, is a native of La Feliz and comes to the Capital to break it. the driver of “100 Argentinians Say” For his part, he plays a capocomico who is the brother of the owner of the theater, Horacio (John Gil Navarro).

“ATAV 2” prepares his return to television after the success of the first installment in 2019.

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