At the Women’s Euro, the favorites for the semi-finals

The contrast is striking. During the 2017 Women’s Euro, all the favorite teams lost in the quarter-finals, frustrated in their aspirations for spectacular football by opponents who knew how to make the defense… the best of the attacks. This summer in England, it’s just the opposite. The four most anticipated teams of the tournament will make it to the semi-finals.

England will face Sweden on Tuesday in Sheffield, while Germany and France will battle it out on Wednesday in Milton Keynes. The two meetings will take place at 9 p.m., Swiss time, and will be broadcast on the antennas of the SSR.

No easy win

If there were no surprises in the quarter-finals, there was no easy victory either, far from it. The successes of all the favorites were drawn at the very end of the meeting. England triumphed over Spain after extra time, and after trailing until the 84th minute. Germany only scored the 2-0 against Austria in the 90th minute, and on a gag goal. Sweden had to wait for stoppage time to find the key to the Belgian lock. Finally, on Saturday, France needed extra time and a penalty to eliminate the Dutch defending champions.

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In the last four, everything seems very open. England enjoy excellent momentum and the unconditional support of a large audience, but Sweden have the experience of those games that matter and – perhaps – the most complete squad in the tournament. In the other semi-final, France have a unique potential – both athletically and technically – but Germany present a better oiled and perhaps more balanced team.

In addition, the players of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, former coach of Switzerland, will have benefited from two additional days of recovery compared to that of Corinne Deacon. Who has not planned to make an excuse: “When you win, you always recover faster,” she quipped Saturday evening at a press conference.

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