At the end of June, Aurélie, Thomas and their children will be on the street in Wasmes: they are calling for help, “we just want a roof for our children”

Aurélie T’Sas and Thomas Maes have been married for 13 years. They are the parents of Clémentine, 8, Matthew, 9, and Amandine, 11. Life has not always given them gifts, but the Colfontaine family managed to get by. Since last January, however, Aurélie and Thomas seem to be living a nightmare (video)…

“We will have to leave the house on June 30th”: They witness

Here’s why they have to move

The justice of the peace, however, gave the couple six months to turn around and find new accommodation. But they have still not found any solution when they only have about twenty days left before the arrival of the bailiffs…

The situation is all the more alarming as Aurélie suffers from serious health problems: the details

The couple now has only one solution: to call for help. ” We need help. Maybe someone owns a house that they don’t use. This is probably our last chance. »

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