At the Center Pompidou, the pop pantheonization of Christian Marclay

Saturday November 12, half a day after his interview with Emmanuel Macron, Ignazio Cassis was the very first visitor to this exhibition which opened its doors to the public on November 16. The hanging had just ended in the night, a few details remained to be settled before the official opening, but the spectacular aspect of the event was already obvious. And as the work of Christian Marclay, pop and playful, automatically absorbs the viewer, the President of the Confederation radiated, glued. By works like Telephones, this assemblage of film clips, one of the artist’s first, in which Christian Marclay has actors from different films answer each other on the telephone, thus creating an endless imaginary conversation. Or Surround Sounds, the stroboscopic projection of cartoon onomatopoeia on the four walls of a bespoke room. The curator of the exhibition, Jean-Pierre Criqui, regularly had to unhook the politician from these fascinating video or pictorial montages in order to advance the visit.

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