At the beach, this child saw his foot melt

This mother is furious. It was a moment of swimming that turned into a nightmare for the whole family (source 1). Her son, Ezekiel, age 4, was burnt to the foot while playing on the beach at Grebe Beach near Falmouth, UK. He started screaming in pain as he played in the sand. And for good reason, his foot was melting, he was quickly transported to the hospital.

While doctors were able to treat the little boy’s foot, other treatments were needed. “The bottom of his foot is completely blistered and tomorrow they have to cut all the skin off of him,” his mother said. Before completing: “He is all bandaged up and on ibuprofen and paracetamol but he cannot put on shoes”. The little boy took painkillers to relieve the pain he has felt since the accident.

“It’s irresponsible”

For his mother, the culprits are campfires and barbecues left by vacationers. In order to prevent further drama from occurring, she pleads with sunbathers to make sure they put out bonfires and barbecues on the beach when they leave. “As it’s that time of year, I just want to send a message to people to get rid of their fire and make sure it’s out before you leave. Bring the BBQ home or wash it in water first. It’s irresponsible and can have a big impact.” She is also worried about the consequences such an event could have on a smaller child who is crawling or crawling on the beach.

For the moment, there would be no proof of the implication of a badly extinguished fire in this accident.

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