At the assizes of Namur, the companions of the Marchal brothers confront their testimonies: “The death of Jean-Luc does not overwhelm me more than that”

The second day of the trial of Bernard Marchal, accused of having killed his brother Jean-Luc on October 30, 2019 in Bois-de-Villers (Profondeville), saw two key witnesses take the stand this Tuesday morning. Murielle D., Jean-Luc’s companion at the time of the events, was first heard.

▶▶ She testified in particular about her relationship with the victim: “Our couple has had its ups and downs for 26 years.” She also conceded that she was terrified of Christelle S., Bernard Marchal’s companion at the time of the murder, from a specific event.

▶▶ Christelle S. then testified, among other facts. Regarding the death of Jean-Luc Marchal, she considered that “it is something that does not overwhelm me more than that”.

▶▶ The day began with the testimony of the expert psychiatrist who analyzed the accused a few months after the events. Here is what he saidin particular concerning the influence of alcohol at the time of the events.

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