At the age of 57, Isadora Ribeiro impresses with her natural beauty and sensuality in photos. Look!

Isadora Ribeiro, who has already starred in numerous roles in soap operas on TV Globo, stirred up social networks when she posed in a swimsuit on Instagram and spoke about the strength of women in another post on Stories. At the age of 57, the actress squandered her beauty and showed that she still has everything on top.

“Inside every strong woman, there is another strong woman helping her every day. Be doubly strong”, she advised.

Last year, Isadora created an account on OnlyFans, a platform where it is possible to sell videos and photos that are a little more daring. The practice became a fever among the famous and serves as an extra income for them. The artist had already been sharing homemade sensual clicks on social networks.

“There will be no explicit nudity, but I will reveal my intimacy. On my OnlyFans page there will be content without prejudice for freedom and more open minds, after all, we are already living in the new era of modern women. We want to update thoughts, break taboos and speak through the posts that we mature women, we can do whatever we want, because we are beautiful, great, wonderful and with a very sexy appeal”, she said.

Adept at healthy habits, Isadora posed nude three times in the 1990s and in 2001, twice in “Playboy” and once in the men’s magazine “Sexy”.

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