"At some point it has to be over": Vicky Leandros announces the end of her career

“Sometime it has to be over”
Vicky Leandros announces the end of her career

Vicky Leandros once became famous in Germany with hits like “Theo, we’re going to Lodz” or “Après toi”. But now, at the age of 70, the Greek-born woman is beginning to “think about the finitude of life.” She comes to the conclusion: It’s time for retirement.

Tremors in the hit world: Vicky Leandros revealed in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper that her tour in autumn 2023 should be the last and that she wanted to retire afterwards. “I think it’s time to stop,” said the singer. As a reason for this consideration, she gives: “I turned 70 in the summer. That’s when you start to think about the finitude of life. It has to be over at some point.”

During the Corona pandemic, when concerts were not possible, Leandros had a lot of opportunity to think. Although she currently feels physically well, she realized that this could change quickly. “I want to stop on my own terms and definitely don’t want to go on stage with a walking stick.”

However, this thought does not make her gloomy, she is looking forward to “my new phase of life.” This is also reflected in their music: “My view of the future is positive through and through. That’s why my farewell tour is also called ‘I love life’. There’s so much beauty and encouragement in the title.”

“The 70th is a milestone”

Vicky Leandros was born in Corfu in 1952 and has lived mostly in Germany since 1958. The artist, supported by her father, the musician and producer Leo Leandros, had her first hit at the age of 13: “Knife, Fork, Scissors, Light”. Schlager and chansons like “Après toi” and “Theo, we’re going to Lodz” later made her a star.

She used her 70th birthday in August as an opportunity to look back, but also forward. “Birthdays have never been particularly important to me. On the other hand, the 70th is a milestone and a reason to think – if you haven’t done so before,” said the artist, who lives at Gut Basthorst near Hamburg, a Gut her divorced second husband Enno Freiherr von Ruffin.

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