At least one dead and 15 injured in two bomb attacks in Jerusalem

At least one person was killed and about 15 others were injured Wednesday morning in two explosions at Jerusalem bus stations that police said were “attacks”, rescue workers said. An explosion at a bus stop just outside Jerusalem injured 12, two seriously, and a second at another station demolished a bus and injured three, rescue workers say, while Israeli police call the two explosions of “attacks”.

An AFP photographer present at the scene of the first explosion said the blast pierced a metal fence behind the bus stop, with an electric scooter and a hat lying on the ground. And while police were on the scene, another explosion was heard a short distance away, according to the photographer.

In the wake of deadly attacks in Israel last March and April and other attacks that followed, the Israeli army carried out more than 2,000 raids in the West Bank. These raids, and the clashes that are sometimes associated with them, have killed more than 125 Palestinians, the heaviest toll in seven years, according to the UN.

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Abduction of the body of an Israeli civilian in the West Bank

Without claiming responsibility for the attacks in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, in power in the Gaza Strip, “welcomed” them, considering them in a press release as “the price of the crimes and aggressions” of Israel “against our people”. .

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli military said the remains of an 18-year-old Israeli civilian who died Tuesday of a “serious road accident” in the occupied West Bank had been “removed” from a hospital in the Jenin stronghold. factions in the northern West Bank, where he was pronounced dead. The kidnapping was not immediately claimed, but local sources told AFP that Palestinian fighters in a nearby refugee camp were now in possession of the body.

The abductions of Israelis, dead or alive, have already been used in the past as bargaining chips by armed groups in order to demand the release of prisoners or the return of the bodies of Palestinians killed in clashes and kept by Israel.

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