At least 6 killed in shooting at Walmart in US: manager allegedly opened fire on colleagues

At least 6 killed in shooting at Walmart in US: perpetrator had death list in his pocket

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At least six people have been killed in a shooting at a Walmart store in southeastern Virginia. The shooter, 31-year-old Andre Bing, also died. He also worked in the business himself and had prepared his raid well.

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Source: New York Times, Belgium

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There were about 50 people in the store, probably doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping. Suddenly gunshots rang out at the back of the place.

Bing, himself an employee, shot ten people before finally pointing the barrel at himself and pulling the trigger.

With the body of the shooter, who was himself a staff member of the case, the police found a list with the names of colleagues he targeted. So he had prepared his deadly raid well.

Why he went so far, the investigation will have to show. It is also not yet clear why he just wanted to meet those colleagues.

Two of the victims were found next to Bing’s body, in the company cafeteria.

Three other victims were taken to hospital, where they succumbed to their injuries.

Four people remain in hospital with unknown injuries.

Virginia Senator Louise Lucas, meanwhile, has responded on Twitter. “My heart is broken,” she writes, among other things. “I will not rest until we find solutions to end this epidemic of gun violence in our country that has already claimed so many lives.”

US President Joe Biden has condemned the shooting as a “senseless act of violence” just days before the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. “Even more tables across the country will have chairs that will remain empty at Thanksgiving,” the president said in a White House press release. He also referred to the three members of an American football team who had been killed in a shooting ten days earlier in Virginia.

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