At ‘Ilha Record’, the first party is formed by a couple. Know who it is!

The first kiss of “Ilha Record” happened! After an intense week with the Survival Challenge won by Kaik, Guardian sending Kaio into Exile and returning with a promise of evil revenge on the part of Solange Gomes, the participants relax during the first party of the season and the jinxing atmosphere infected two participants.

Ste, who detonated an ex-BBB after her departure from reality, and Nakagime kissed after the encouragement of confinement colleagues. While the two were in a romance mood, Vitória, who already had an affair with the surfer, watched the Exile scene. Alongside Kaio Viana, who was teased by Solange, the influencer predicted that the two would stay and showed no surprise when it happened.

Solange Gomes sends indirect to participants of ‘Ilha Record’

As in “A Fazenda”, which opens in September, Solange Gomes didn’t get a good performance in the Survival Challenge, however, the Guardian appeared to change the course of the game and sent Kaio into Exile. Upon returning to the village, the former Bathtub of Gugu sent a message to those who voted for her in the last dynamic.

“You were sure I wouldn’t come back, most didn’t believe in my return, so suck it up. My revenge will be evil”, threatened the model. “The parakeet went to the cage”, he sang, mocking Kaio Viana’s hair.

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