At ‘Ilha Record’, Kaio wins competition, but is tripped by Solange Gomes and goes into exile

How can Kaik’s victory affect Caique Aguiar in ‘Ilha Record’?

Caíque Aguiar won the first race of the season, became Commander and suggested that the Ametista team join. However, Kaik didn’t feel that it was someone’s priority and in the dynamics of the car, reason for a shack between participants, and eliminated Caíque from the activity. This motivated the model to try to confabulate votes against Kaik, but Whendy jumped ship at the last minute.

On voting night, Caique reaffirmed that he felt betrayed and sent Kaik straight to the challenge. “We ran together, before starting all the activities we said: we are together. But I was upset, I felt stabbed even more because I had options from the Emerald team. I also gave him the first piece of map and because of that I recommend Kaik”, explained Caíque Aguiar.

“I never felt like his priority,” Kaik countered. “As if I gave you a map,” interrupted the personal. “Alright, but I also think that for what I deserved, for what you said I was one of the best on the test, and at the time you could have given me one more life [na atividade] didn’t happen,” Kaik added.

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