"At first everything was fine, now it’s war!" : Jean-Luc Reichmann reveals his relationship problems with Nathalie Lecoultre!

If Jean-Luc Reichmann hosts Les 12 coups de midi every day on TF1, his wife Nathalie also works actively for the channel. The host’s companion is indeed also at the origin of the Léo Mattei series in which the former presenter of Z’amours plays the main role. “We worked together for two years on this project, and I took care of the costumes as well as the dialogues and the script.“, she explained. And these two also go hand in hand in the flagship game of the midday since it is Nathalie who writes all the launches of her lover.

Also present on social networks and never hesitating to reveal pretty pictures of her family, Nathalie Lecoultre regularly shares the great bond she has built with Jean-Luc Reichmann. The presenter also publishes some photos of his beloved whom he loves more than anything. Even if in his publication of Sunday, January 9, 2022, the host wanted to settle some scores.

Jean-Luc Reichmann reveals what is sowing discord in his relationship

Parity ? 2022 is war!“, begins the moderator of the 12 blows of noon.”At the beginning everything was fine, it was the parity everything was fine you will tell me “, he explains, revealing the contents of a shoe closet.” There you see these are my shoes!“, he points out proudly before pointing out that the rest of the shelves and only occupied by the shoes of his companion.” So I warn you 2022 is war “, insists Jean-Luc Reichmann with a smile on the corner of lips.

Recently, the host nevertheless pushed a real rant against certain decisions of the government relating to the health crisis. “In less than five years, we have nevertheless gone from ‘On the march!’ to ‘Sit, not move!‘”, swayed the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre. Between humor and bloodthirsty, there is sometimes only one step …


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