At 18, the daughter of this famous actor opens an OnlyFans account, he reacts: "I don’t tolerate this"

Twenty years ago, on June 15, 2002, Denise Richards married actor Charlie Sheen, after a year of romance. If the two American stars divorced in 2006, they have meanwhile become the parents of Sami, born March 9, 2004 and Lola Rose, born June 1, 2005.

Now 18 years old, their eldest daughter Sami is making headlines right now in the United States, because she has just registered on the sulphurous OnlyFans platform. On this application where you have to pay a subscription, content creators can earn money thanks to users who subscribe to their content, the “fans”. If the sums won are sometimes astronomical, the photos requested are very often sexy or even pornographic…

“I do not tolerate this”
Upon learning this, Charlie Sheen, who is very popular in the United States, reacted to express his annoyance: “She is 18 now and lives with her mother,” he said in a press release on Monday June 13. “This didn’t happen under my roof. I don’t condone this, but since I can’t prevent it, I urged her to stay stylish, creative and not sacrifice her integrity,” added the 56 year old actor.

Asked what she thinks of her daughter’s decision, Denise Richards also replied to the press: “Sami is 18 years old, and this decision was not based on the house she lives in. All I can to do as a parent is to guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own choices.”

Sami’s decision to join Only Fans comes just weeks after she reconnected with her mother. Last year, the teenager had indeed fled her home claiming that she was “trapped” in an “abusive house” while living with her mother Denise Richards and her husband, Aaron Phypers. She was then taken in by her father who claimed that his daughter was no longer even in school. If Sami seemed better with her father, with whom she shares many personality traits, she finally decided to return to live with her mother and everything would be “back to normal”.

Elizabeth Sall

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