ASTRO’s Moon Bin dramas, this is his acting talent

ASTRO’s Moonbin is not only an incredible idol who gives his best for his group, he has also served as an actor and here we bring you his best dramas.

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ASTRO is a group of K-Pop full of talented boys, excellent at singing and dancing, they always give their all in the studio and on stage to present the best songs, with these they have managed to conquer the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Although not only that, the history of the idols ASTRO started as actors and it is for this reason that they too can perform within the performance, participating in different dramas where we can appreciate that they are multi-talented artists.

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One of these ASTRO members that we have seen in K-Dramas it is Moon Bin, he even debuted in the renowned drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, with a small role, but that showed much of his skills in front of the cameras.

But there are many productions that we can enjoy this idol on South Korean television, here we recommend 5 dramas in which he has participated so that you can enjoy his great talents as actor.

5 Drama By ASTRO’s Moon Bin To Know Your Talents As An Actor

  • Soul Plate
    Year: 2019
    Made by: Cha Eun Woo, Ahn Sol Bin y Moon Bin

It is dorama It is about 6 angels who come to Earth with the mission of running a restaurant, but this is only a pretext to help and heal people with their soul food.

Póster de Soul Plate | Twitter: @sparkleASTRO

Sight ‘Soul Plate’ and learn more about the talents of Moonbin on the performance.

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  • Idol Fever
    Year: 2017
    Made by: Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon

It is K-Drama It is about a group of boys who go to a place to apply for a job but a great confusion is generated that ends up turning them into idols by accident, thus they act in front of a crowd and discover the talents that perhaps they did not know they had.

You can see ‘Idol Fever’ where Moon Bin will be with one of the roles in this production.

  • Moment of Eighteen
    Year: 2019
    Made by: Ong Seong Wu and Kim Hyang Gi

In this drama we know the history of some young people who are at the age of 18, they are students and we will get to know their different stories and contrasts through the plot, how do they handle this moment in which adulthood begins?

Póster de Moment of Eighteen | Twitter: @7x7cms

You can see ‘Moment of Eighteen’ where Moon Bin acts as a student.

  • The Mermaid Prince
    Year: 2020
    Starring: Moon Bin and Jung Shin Hye

This drama is about Hye Ri who embarks on a graduation trip in which she will have some problems and misunderstandings with her friends, but on this trip she will meet Woo Hyuk, a mysterious boy who catches her attention.

Moonbin stars ‘The Mermaid Prince’, so you shouldn’t miss it.

  • The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning
    Year: 2020
    Starring: Moon Bin and Chae Won Bin

This is the second part of The Mermaid Prince, where Woo Hyuk will see more of his great ability for love as he will enchant Joo Ara, who had given up on dates until she meets this prince of mermaids.

Póster de The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning | Twitter: @MOON7BIN

‘The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning’ It shows us more of Moon Bin’s charms in acting, so you better watch it, you can already enjoy many dramas of this idol.

Do you want to enlarge your watchlist of doramas? Here we recommend others by actor Park Hyung Sik, which you must see.

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