Astro Wants Chicago PD and La Brea Crossover

Have you ever thought about seeing a crossover between Chicago PD agents and the survivors of the La Brea series? In a recent interview, Jon Seda – the interpreter of Antonio Dawson in the police series – suggested this interesting (and unusual) junction. But after all: will the meeting actually happen?

Originally released in 2014, Chicago PD is one of Dick Wolf’s procedural series. The production emerged as a spin-off of Chicago Fire, and currently, it has more than 180 episodes.

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“Chicago PD is a riveting crime drama about the agents of the Chicago Police Department’s District 21 who put everything on the line to serve and protect their community,” states the series’ official synopsis.

We reveal below everything Jon Seda said about the (possible) crossover between Chicago PD and La Brea; check out.

Jon Seda wants special episode of Chicago PD and La Brea

Considered one of Chicago PD’s best-loved actors, Jon Seda won over fans around the world when playing agent Antonio Dawson.

The actor left the series in 2019, due to “creative differences”. However, Seda decided to continue working at NBC.

Shortly after his farewell in Chicago PD, Jon Seda was cast in the science fiction series La Brea, which currently airs on the American channel.

In the post-apocalyptic production, Seda plays Dr. Samuel Velez, one of the most important characters.

Even with the success of La Brea, many fans ask for Jon Seda’s return to Chicago PD Responding to viewers’ desires, the actor suggested an unusual crossover.

La Brea, for those unfamiliar, focuses on the story of people who survive a cataclysmic event in Los Angeles.

“A huge crater opens up in the middle of Los Angeles, swallowing hundreds of people, cars and buildings. Those who have fallen find themselves in a primitive subterranean reality where they must band together to survive. Meanwhile, the rest of the world seeks to understand what happened to the city and the missing victims of the tragedy,” states the official synopsis of La Brea.

On Twitter, after being asked by a follower about a possible return to Chicago PD, Jon Seda made an interesting suggestion.

“What if that portal leads to Chicago?”, joked the actor, referring to the mysterious portals that appear in La Brea.

Surprisingly, the suggestion was approved by the fans! On the networks, many people are already asking for the production of the crossover between La Brea and Chicago PD

“That’s the best answer! I would definitely watch this crossover,” commented one fan.

However, it is worth remembering that the production of a crossover between La Brea and Chicago PD is, to say the least, unlikely. After all, the mood and thematic of the series are very different.

On the other hand, as both series are aired on the same network, a crossover could indeed happen.

In Brazil, Chicago PD and La Brea are available on Globoplay🇧🇷

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