Astro: This astrological sign dreams of an open relationship!

When some astrological signs cannot imagine for a single second seeing someone other than their other half, others dream of having an open relationship! And for good reason, for the latter, fidelity is not necessarily an essential principle in a couple … A philosophy of life likely to speak to one astrological sign in particular: Sagittarius!

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Sagittarius: The Don Juan with a big heart

Unsurprisingly, the astrological sign considered the most unfaithful in the zodiac would dream of living a free couple relationship! The reason ? The latter wishes to engage in a real relationship with someone who loves him, while being in agreement with this person to form a non-monogamous relationship!

Charming, this Fire sign could therefore go about its eternal flirtatious business without fear of harming its other half! And for good reason, behind these airs of Don Juan who above all likes to please, this native is a very sensitive one who cannot bear to hurt the people he loves!

In a free relationship that can eventually switch to an exclusive relationship as soon as the two parties are ready, Sagittarius will therefore get rid of the weight of the guilt that weighs on him when he commits an odd! Only downside: this astrological sign with the character of Fire will have to accept that his half will also go elsewhere, given that obviously, the free relationship does not go only in one direction!


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