ASTRO has a sweet and fun teaser for ‘Candy Sugar Pop’

ASTRO’s long-awaited comeback is getting closer and their fans can’t hide their excitement about their new album. With a new video preview, the group gave a little taste of what can be heard on their new song: Candy Sugar Pop.

STAR He is scheduled to return with his new album Drite to the Starry Road. Its title song will be Candy Sugar Popa fun melody which already has a teaser of his new MV. Completely exciting AROHA.

ASTRO thrills their fans with their comeback. // Source: Twitter @offclASTRO

ASTRO fans are very excited for the group’s comeback, ever since the release of their first mysterious poster featuring a collectible car, fans have been throwing out theories about their comeback, which seems to be bright and fun.

After the new video teaser and the medley were released, his fans confirmed their suspicions of the style this album could have and did not stop showing their excitement and happiness for what seems to be a refreshing comeback.

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ASTRO Gets Playful In Teaser For New Song Candy Sugar Pop

Through the official account of Fantagio on YouTube, the new video teaser for the comeback of STAR. Which has a duration of 30 seconds full of a fun retro style.

In the video of Candy Sugar Pop You can see different scenes with a wave of the 80’s, pastel and neon color scenarios, quite colorful. In the same way, each of the members are seen dancing and enjoying themselves with relaxed styles.

In the background, you can see a melody with a retro and electronic style, characteristic of the 80’s. Combined with the voices of ASTRO, it promises to be a comeback that will have you singing, dancing and having fun like never before. You can see the teaser here:

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When does ASTRO’s Candy Sugar Pop premiere?

Candy Sugar Pop’s music video will be released on May 16, simultaneously with ASTRO’s new album ‘Drive to the Starry Road’. Without a doubt, it promises to be a fun song that will make everyone dance. Are you waiting for his return?

In other news, GOT7 revealed the tracklist for their new album and got their fans way too excited.

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