ASTRO: Best songs of the group to listen to when you’re in love

B-Sides are not-so-popular songs that K-Pop groups usually have. Not being the main single of each album or not having an MV, these songs often go unnoticed. However, there are some that deserve to be listened to again and again. Every ASTRO fan should listen to the following recommendations.

STAR features powerful vocals and voices that move the hearts of thousands In their b sides They usually sing to all kinds of love, from the sweetest to the most painful and make their followers feel identified with more than one song.

ASTRO fascinates their fans with their melodious voices. // Source: Twitter @offclASTRO

ASTRO fans know that songs that were secondary on their albums are true gems, as important as the main songs. And that, although they do not have an MV, they are also very enjoyable.

For this reason, this time we share ASTRO’s B-Sides to enjoy prior to his comeback ‘Drive to the Starry Road‘. Which is coming out on May 16. Are you ready to listen to these songs.

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ASTRO ballads that will make you become more of a fan of the group

This is a sad song about how some of us wait for the return of someone we love too much and we keep that wait based on the memories lived with the special person. Although this person is not planning to come back, the song talks about how willing we are to wait.

One of our biggest fears can always be proposing to the person we like and being rejected. This song is about this, which expresses that prior fear that our feelings will not be reciprocated and the eternal dilemma between overcoming that fear and saying what the heart wants.

This song talks about how difficult it is when the person we love is also one of the ones who hurts us the most. A feeling that perhaps is not reciprocated but at the same time that it relieves our heart it breaks it. Without a doubt, a sweet but painful song.

In other news, Eun Woo, Moonbin, and Sanha will be participating in the new episode of Running Man.

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