Astrid Nicole will be on Michael Monroe’s new album

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The Panamanian singer Astrid Nicole Villarreal, will be part of the next album to be released Michael Monroe, Finnish rock singer and musician, lead singer of the band Hanoi Rocks. Monroe was also a judge on “The Voice Finland, All Stars “, where Astrid Nicole was participating.

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Astrid Nicole did some “vocals” and harmonies, of the next album of Michael Monroe; which for her means something extremely important because of the artistic figure with whom she was able to collaborate.

Currently Astrid Nicole (who is based in Finland), is touring with Waldo’s People, and is also doing private shows. Astrid also mentioned that she will come to Panama in mid-December, and for the 30th of that month, she will give a show (soon she will give more details about the event).

Michael Monroe is remembered for having collaborated with Axl Rose and Slash from Guns N ‘Roses. The song “Dead, Jail Or Rock N ‘Roll” from his 1989 solo album Not Fakin It (on which he had worked with Axl Rose), attracted public attention when it was broadcast on MTV.

With Slash, he recorded a cover of “Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride”, used in the movie Coneheads. He has also contributed to two Guns N ‘Roses albums, playing saxophone and harmonica on “Bad Obsession by Use Your Illusion I” and as a vocalist on a cover version of “The Dead Boys” from “Ain’t It Fun “from the album” The Spaghetti Incident “?.

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