Astrid Nicole points out limitations in Panama to learn music

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The Panamanian singer Astrid Nicole, went through the cameras of La Mordida, to talk about music in Panama and the limitations that exist to study that art.

Astrid Nicole, who is based in Finland, where he has participated in contests such as “La Voz Finlandia”; He is in Panama to visit his family for the holidays and to work in some shows. He mentioned that apart from missing the family, he misses the food.

“When you’re going to do something, try to do it right,” Astrid noted, advice her father gave her. He is dedicated to studying music, trying to learn what he can about music, and trying to take advantage of opportunities. Going from Los Andes # 2 to important stages in Finland, he says that everyone values ​​his talent and feels welcome to a strange country. She highlights the support of her family that was always aware of her and how they were going to move forward.

Music in Panama

“I think Panama lacks a lot of musical culture, because as a young man I wanted to study music and there are no options to do so. The University of Panama only teaches classical music, guitar with flamenco, but there is nothing for pop music, current music ; There is nothing that inspires young people to study music; opportunities are lacking, “said Astrid Nicole about music in Panama.

Astrid points out that artists should focus on themselves, evolve, study and she recommended that if they can’t do it in Panama, they should do it elsewhere. “It depends on what you want to do with your journey is what you want to follow.”


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