Asteroid Alert Sep 2021 Asteroid of 774 meters diameter is coming towards the earth know what scientists said

Asteroid Alert Sep 2021: According to the asteroid database browser of NASA’s laboratory, an asteroid is moving rapidly towards Earth. Its size is so large that it is almost twice the size of the Empire State Building in New York. However, NASA has also told that this asteroid will not hit the Earth and there will be no damage in any part of the Earth. This asteroid will only pass over the earth. When it is passing close to the Earth, its distance from the Earth will be so small that it will be even closer to the Moon, while the Moon is closest to the Earth.

NASA has reported that the asteroid’s name is 2010 RJ53, which is approximately 774 meters (2,539.37 ft) in diameter. This asteroid will pass about 366,000 km from Earth which means it will be closer to Earth than the Moon.

danger of gravity tug

Despite the close distance, there is little chance that 2010 RJ53 will impact Earth. NASA has already declared that the Earth is not threatened by any asteroid for the next century. However, there is the danger of a potential gravitational tug that could change the path of an object. The threat of an asteroid impact is one of the worst natural disasters to occur on Earth.

Scientists monitor to detect danger

Researchers and astronomers around the world, including NASA, monitor nearby asteroids and calculate their trajectories to see if they pose any threat to the planet. Asteroids often pass near Earth, with asteroids the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and another the size of the US Pentagon from near Earth in late August.

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