Aster is disappearing before her eyes! It’s to blame …

The sympathetic blonde obviously takes care of her appearance. Jitka Asterová (61) showed a great figure that could compete with the twenties. But she definitely didn’t have it for free, she had to change a lot in her life. For example, she stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian.

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The great transformation of Jitka Asterová (61): After a one-year pandemic, she is a different woman!

“I’ve been a vegetarian for two months. Besides, I fast, eating for eight hours and not eating for sixteen hours. When I don’t eat, I feel like my body is digesting. I’m holding my weight and I don’t want to lose weight anymore, “ said the actress for the Sedmič website. In addition, Aster started practicing yoga, which shaped her figure beautifully, and as a bonus, the actress relaxes perfectly with her.

Collecting strawberries or working with your hands: Jitka Asterová surprises with a “covid” brigade

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