Assisted suicide, Fabio Ridolfi died

Pesaro Urbino, 13 June 2022 – Fabio Ridolfi died today June 13, 2022. This was communicated by the family of 46 year old from Fermignano (Pesaro-Urbino) who had chosen the revocation of the consent to artificial nutrition and hydration and in the afternoon had started deep sedation.

Fabio Ridolfi the 46 year old from Fermignano (Pesaro Urbino), immobilized in bed for 18 years
Fabio Ridolfi the 46 year old from Fermignano (Pesaro Urbino), immobilized in bed for 18 years

Immobilized for 18 years due to a tetraparesis Fabio Ridolfi was attempting with the legal assistance of the Luca Coscioni Association access to assisted suicide, possible in Italy for people in his condition, as indicated by the sentence of the Antoniani / Cappato Constitutional Court.

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Deep sedation, Fabio Ridolfi: “I’m not afraid, I can’t wait”

“After a very long wait, last May 19 he had obtained the green light from the Ethics Committee who had verified the existence of the requisites but had not indicated the methods or the drug that Fabio could have self-administered “, recalls the Luca Coscioni association.

So in recent days Fabio has communicated his choice, “a fallback choice”, to have recourse to the solution that he could have followed without waiting for the opinion he never received: deep sedation.

THE BOARD: Deep sedation, what is it

Fabio Ridolfi died without sufferingafter hours of sedation and not immediately as he would have liked “, declare Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato of the Luca Coscioni Association. For four months he had asked for medical help for suicide, falling within the conditions provided for by the Constitutional Court,” but a series of incredible delays and boycotts by the health service led him to choose deep sedation and the suspension of life-sustaining treatments in progress “.

The Coscioni association joins “first of all to the pain of Fabio’s family. From tomorrow we will continue to fight so that similar obstructions and violations of the will of the sick are not repeated. In any case, we will continue to provide direct help to the people who turn to us to assert their right to decide on their own life “.

The brother’s last words

Moving the words of his brother Andrea, said last night to the crowd in the square: “Don’t be sad, for him it will be a great liberation, he grants his wish “.

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