Assises Liège: a suspended sentence and probationary measures required against Diana Hanzé

Advocate General Pascale Schils requested Friday morning before the Assize Court of Liège a sentence accompanied by a suspension and probationary measures against Diana Hanzé, a 29-year-old Jalhaytoise convicted of assault and battery causing death with no intention of giving it away.

The defense lawyers requested these probative conditions as well as a sentence that would not return Diana Hanzé to prison.

The facts took place on April 5, 2017 around 3:30 p.m. in Verviers. Mohamed El Atmani (46), illegally staying, had a fall from the second floor window of a building located rue des Raines. The forty-something would have been pushed before falling out the window. He had died of his injuries after being hospitalized.

Thursday evening, the jury declared Diana Hanzé guilty of assault and battery causing death without intention to give it as well as of possession of narcotics. After this guilty verdict, General Counsel Pascale Schils requested Friday morning a prison sentence with a suspension and probationary measures. The public prosecutor considers that it is not necessary to return Diana Hanzé to prison and therefore suggests that the sanction not exceed 5 years in prison.

The defense lawyers, Me Reynders and Me Simonis, requested a stay with probative conditions in favor of their client, in order to facilitate her reintegration into society. Diana Hanzé has no criminal record and is said to have stopped using drugs.

The judgment on the sentence is expected at the end of the morning.

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