ASSE sale: The real price of the Greens makes Romeyer and Caïazzo cry

If the file of the sale of OM is the fantasy of one or two relentless on social networks, that of the sale of AS Saint-Étienne is very serious. However, it spins around.

On July 2, following new rumors about the sale of their club, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo issued a press release to remind them that their priority was always to hand over and therefore to sell AS Saint-Étienne. Even if relegation to Ligue 2 and the scenes seen at Geoffroy-Guichard on the evening of the match against AJ Auxerre were direct blows to the club, the two presidents of Saint-Etienne still thought they could make a lot of money by giving in their shares of Greens. But reality suddenly caught up with the two men and the discovery of the ultimate offer made by the great favorite to take over ASSE, David Blitzer, was like an uppercut. Even if one lives in Dubai and the other still resides in Forez, Caïazzo and Romeyer did not expect the legendary French club to be valued at such a low price. According to Bernard Lions, the American billionaire was very hard.

The price offered for ASSE was a shock

The journalist, who has been following the news of the Greens for many years, explained that over the months the takeover offer had fallen, before collapsing when AS Saint-Étienne was officially relegated. Having obtained all of the club’s accounts, David Blitzer would have offered between 33 and 38 million euros last fall, without an agreement being sealed. Then the proposal transmitted by the businessman went down to half of the first estimate. And even worse, once relegation to Ligue 2 was sealed, following the defeat against Auxerre in the play-offs, the candidate for the takeover of ASSE indicated that he would not go further than 10 million euros for the club takeover. An offer that knocked out Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, each of the two men wanting at least to pocket 10 million euros, which was no longer the case. Negotiations were therefore broken off immediately at the end of June, but Blitzer would still be ready to invest in Saint-Étienne….or in RC Lens, which is looking for a minority investor.

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