ASSE: Mevlüt Erding ready to bleed for the Greens

Former Green striker Mevlüt Erding says he is ready to return to ASSE even if it means playing for free. He is now waiting for the club’s response!

Free of any contract at 35 today, Mevlüt Erding is looking for a new challenge. After several years in Turkey, the former PSG striker sees himself returning to France. Touched by the situation at AS Saint-Étienne, Erding is even ready to play for the Greens for free and has offered his services to the club.

Mevlüt Erding wants to help the Greens

It was in a live Twitch organized by RMC Sport that Mevlüt Erding gave some details on his situation. After the end of his lease at Ümraniyespor, the Franco-Turkish finds himself today without a club. Motivated by the idea of ​​offering himself one last great challenge, he did not hesitate to contact ASSE directly, touched by the club’s situation. “To be honest, I expressed my desire for Saint-Étienne because it is a legendary club, a club apart, which needs players like me to make the link between the players and the coach, to show the greatness of the club. I say this with modesty. I haven’t had any news lately, I’m really disappointed. It pains me to see this great French club in Ligue 2. I told Loïc Perrin that I could come back for free. I just want to see Saint-Étienne from above. » said the one who spent two years with the Greens and shook the nets 21 times.

According to information from Sainté Inside, Loïc Perrin will submit the idea to the new coach Laurent Batlles. We are talking about a gross monthly salary of 10,000 euros without a bonus at the signing of the contract. It remains to be seen whether the idea will make its way or not in the minds of the leaders of Saint-Etienne who have already experienced some pitfalls when it came to managing the old veterans. Without Claude Puel on the bench, things may go better.

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