ASSE: Emergency meeting, Romeyer will strike!

This Monday, the president of AS Saint-Étienne summoned Laurent Batlles as well as Jean-François Soucasse and Loïc Perrin. Roland Romeyer could break everything.

Mocked by ASSE supporters, who want to see him retire and have worn clown masks bearing his likeness, Roland Romeyer decided that Saturday’s defeat against Rodez was one too many. While the Greens are last in Ligue 2, the chairman of the board of Sainté summoned his coach on Monday, as well as the executive chairman, the deputy general manager and the sports coordinator. And it will not be for a coffee with cupcakes, Roland Romeyer wanting to confirm that he is back in business, he who wanted to take a step back, but not as much as Bernard Caïazzo, who has become the ghost of AS Saint -Etienne. According to L’Equipe, the idea of ​​a change of coach is in the air, and it is the name of Patrice Garande, used to maintenance operations with Caen and already mentioned in Sainté before the arrival of Pascal Dupraz, who comes up most often.

Get out of the world, ASSE is thinking about it

However, the sweep could not only affect Laurent Batlles, because Jean-François Soucasse, daily boss of AS Saint-Etienne is also in Roland Romeyer’s sights. Only problem, to fire people, you need money, knowing that Batlles still has almost two years of contract at 35,000 euros per month and the executive president would have a guaranteed bonus of 600,000 euros in the event of departure. And money, ASSE does not want to spend too much, even though the idea of ​​​​a sale is forgotten, the sporting situation of the Greens having something to scare the most solid of buyers. On the side of the State, the situation is serious but not yet hopeless, Roland Romeyer however no longer has the right to be wrong.

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