ASSE: Dupraz announces maintenance with FC Nantes sauce

Beaten in Nice yesterday Wednesday while leading by two goals at the Allianz Riviera, Saint-Etienne remains eighteenth in Ligue 1 and in trouble. For the coach of the Greens, Pascal Dupraz, the maintenance will be at the end of the road.

The scenario resembles the Lorient game last month. The final score is certainly less severe. But on the lawn of Nice, ASSE was still two steps ahead before completely collapsing. At the end of this 36th and antepenultimate day of L1, the Greens see Metz, first relegated, return to three points. The seventeenth place synonymous with survival within the elite, it remains at as many units.

“We will do it”, warns Adil Aouchiche

In a press conference after Nice, the faces were not completely defeated, however. With Reims and Nantes still on the menu, the hope of staying in Ligue 1, why not without going through the play-offs, remains possible. For young Adil Aouchiche, attacking midfielder trained at PSG, everything will be fine. ” There is frustration, we know that nobody cheats in this team. The results do not follow. When we dissect the video, no one gives up, no one gives up in training. We said to ourselves that we were going to maintain the club, we are going to do it. I believe in it, I believe in my group and in my teammates. If we want to move towards maintaining, we must learn to keep a score. We are not superheroes, we have to go get the matches and kill the score when we can “, explained Aouchiche in particular. Almost the same story with his trainer.

Pascal Dupraz strongly believes in it, too

Recruited as a coach last December, Pascal Dupraz recovered a group in agony. But thanks to a few recruits and a reinvigorated state of mind, ASSE has found its way back to success. However, the Greens are still not immune. Coach Dupraz thinks it’s only a matter of time. He even imagines a bright future for the club. ” It is with these players that we will maintain ourselves. We have to realize this maintenance: unfortunately, in the life of a club there are difficult periods, take the example of Nantes last season, they maintained themselves hard without it being really deserved . A year later, they won the Coupe de France “, Analyzed the former Toulouse technician. Feeling verified on the evening of May 21?

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