Assaulted woman gets help from bus driver who realized something was wrong

Many bus drivers on the night shift have stories as interesting as they are shocking to tell, as was the case of Dan Stoddard, a driver in Ottawa, Canada, who had a very particular experience when, in the early hours of the morning, he stopped the march to pick up a woman, but she refused, the same one who had managed to escape an attack not long ago. The subject’s account became trend from social networks What YouTube.

An unusual stop at 1am

They were the 1 am when the driver saw the woman sitting at the bus station, but when she did not board the bus, Stoddard he saw the need to get off it to talk to her and make sure everything was okay.

This person, who had apparently become friendly with And then asked him to call the police because she had just been assaulted and, with great luck, she had been able to escape. Knowing this, the subject asked the woman to get on the bus and that he would take care of the rest.

The driver immediately requested the collaboration of the rest of the passengers so that they would be placed in seats further back so that he could be with the young woman until the police arrived to the place.

The viral photo

When the story was known, the photo went viral in Facebook from And talking to the victim, who was taken by Brendan Fowlie, one of the passengers of that night, the same one that soon reached millions of people around the world.

Speaking to HuffPost Canada, Fowlie referred regarding Stoddard: “Bus drivers have a pretty thankless job and people rarely give them the credit they deserve (…) I thought something positive would be good (referring to their intention to share the photo on social media)”.

Brendan Fowlie made the fact known on social networks.  (Photo: CTV/YouTube)
Brendan Fowlie made the fact known on social networks. (Photo: CTV/YouTube)

The same media outlet contacted And, who assured that he was only doing his job as a public servant: “All these organizations deal with this kind of thing on a daily basis”, who also added that he was following his instinct, since he sensed that something was wrong with that woman lonely at the bus station.

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