Assault on Capitol Hill: Steve Bannon, close to Trump, pleads not guilty

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The 67-year-old former adviser is being prosecuted for refusing to testify and submit documents to the House of Representatives special committee investigating the role of the former Republican president in his supporters’ assault on the temple of American democracy.

He faces between 30 days and one year in prison for each count.

He reported to police Monday morning in Washington, and is scheduled to appear before a federal judge on Thursday.

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“We are going on the offensive, we are tired of playing the defense,” he said to the press on Monday, accusing Democratic President Joe Biden of having directly ordered the prosecution.

Summoned by the Democratic-majority commission, Steve Bannon refused to testify, invoking the right of presidents not to reveal the content of certain documents and discussions.

The influential councilor had played a crucial role in Donald Trump’s 2016 election, giving a resolutely populist turn to the Republican billionaire’s campaign, before being pushed to the exit the following year.

However, the commission of inquiry suspects him of having discussed the demonstration with the president in the days leading up to January 6.

He was notably part of the “crisis cell” led by advisers to Mr. Trump from a luxury hotel in Washington and his testimony should allow elected officials to understand what Donald Trump was doing before and during the assault.

Mr Bannon’s indictment is, according to the commission, “a clear message” to anyone who refuses to cooperate.

The commission, which has already heard from more than 150 witnesses, launched new summonses last week against members of Mr. Trump’s entourage, including his former White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany and his advisor Stephen Miller.

His former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, is also under threat of prosecution after snubbing a subpoena.

On January 6, thousands of supporters of Donald Trump had forcibly entered Congress as elected officials certified Joe Biden’s victory, sowing chaos and violence even in the chamber of the Senate.

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