Assault on Capitol Hill, commission: "Trump is responsible"

New York, July 22, 2022 – Donald Trump chose not to “act” that January 6 when his supporters stormed Capitol Hillis the harsh accusation of Bennie Thompson, the Democratic deputy who chairs the House of Representatives committee charged with investigating the assault on Congress. The former Republican president opened the doors “to disorder and corruption,” he said Bennie Thompson. Guilty of not having listened to the advisors and children, he remained in front of the TV watching the violence transmitted by Fox. He “betrayed his oath to the Constitution”, “did not defend the country” and “abdicated his obligations to him”.

The Trump ultras raid on Capitol Hill

The Congressional Assault Inquiry Commission reconstructed the 187 minutes of the uprising, starting with Trump’s rally, where the former president incited the crowd to march on Capitol Hill, until he posted the video on Twitter asking his fans. to go home. All those responsible, even in the White House, will have to “answer for their actions before the courts,” added Thompson: “It will take serious consequences, otherwise I fear that our democracy will not recover “.

The commission of inquiry: “Responsible for the assault on Capitol Hill”

Former White House legal adviser Pat Cipollone confirmed to the Commission that he had told Trump “very clearly” that he needed to make an “immediate and clear public statement urging people to leave the Capitol.” But “President Trump refused to act because of his selfish desire to stay in power,” said Democrat Elaine Luria.

The former president that day at 2:24 pm, sent a tweet calling the vice president a “coward” Mike Pence for not wanting to block the certification of the election results that saw Joe Biden triumph, fueling the revolt according to him. Over the next two hours, the tycon sent two more messages inviting the crowd to “stay in peace”. Finally, faced with the risk of impeachment, he shot a video to invite his supporters to “go home”, but he did not respect the text written by his advisers, stating “I know your pain”, addressed to his fans, and claiming the “stolen” election. The investigator further pointed out that Trump never, during those 187 minutes, he picked up the phone to “give orders or offer help” to the police or the army, as the phone records of the presidency show.

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