assault at "Princess Charming": That says Irina hose!

It has been known for a few days that the candidate Johanna was the victim of a sexual assault on the set of the first Princess Charming season! The participant revealed that her comrade-in-arms Wiki Riot had tried to kiss her at night despite a rebuff – she lay on Johanna and held her hands. In the meantime, not only the accused, but also the production has commented. Now Princess Irina hose at the time also spoke up about the incident!

In your Instagram-Story responded Irina now to the sexual assault that occurred on set while filming her season. “Absolute and unrestricted solidarity with all victims of sexualized violence!”, emphasized the lawyer and added: “That always applies to me and I listen!” She rounded off her statement with a red heart emoji.

However finds Irina it’s not good that some people want to push them to speak up. “What I personally don’t like right now is that people are trying to pressure me into making a public statement and are overstepping my bounds.”she explained.

Johanna, former “Princess Charming” contestant
Irina hose, the first “Princess Charming”

Instagram / irina.hose

Irina hose in Cologne in June 2022

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