Asian movies that have become a classic and must see

Asia has movies of all kinds, from the most moving, to those that make you laugh out loud. Regardless of your favorite movie genre, these are some that have become a classic in the world and that you should not miss for their stories.

If you enjoy the asian movies these are some recommendations that you can’t let go. Since, regardless of the fact that they were released several years ago, they continue to fascinate viewers with their stories.

Movie recommendations. // Source: Twitter @Cinephile05, @yullaineedesu, @FanboydeJinx

It’s the weekend and you don’t have any plans? A perfect plan could be to watch Asian movies all weekend and these recommendations contain stories that you will not want to miss because they will make you laugh out loud and cry seas.

Whether you want to see a singer’s story of self-improvement and self-love, or maybe a tragic school romance. Perhaps, you prefer to watch some meaningless comedy that makes you laugh out loud. These options of films they’re for you.

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Asian movies you must see sometime in your life

Country: South Korea

Year: 2006

This story talks about Ha Na, a singer with an incredible voice who must hide on stage, because of her weight she would not be able to debut as an idol. Instead, she voices a very beautiful girl who doesn’t have much talent. Ha Na is fed up with her life and after several humiliations she decides to end her life, but she fails in the attempt and finally gets plastic surgery that will change her life completely. Despite her physical changes, this movie talks a lot about accepting herself and how Ha Na begins to enjoy life for herself. Starring Kim Ah Joong, this movie can be seen on doramasflix.

Country: Japan.

Year 2008

If what you want is to cry your eyes out with a tragic teenage romance, this is one of the films that you should not miss. Also known as Cielo de Amor, although it may seem like the story of the smartest girl who falls in love with the bad boy in school, this film deals with stronger themes and throughout the film you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. Without a doubt, it is a Japanese recommendation that you should not miss. You can see it complete with subtitles in Spanish at Youtube.

Koizora official poster. // Source: Twitter @rtyourdrama

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2004

However, if you just want to laugh out loud. This is a movie that you should not miss, because nothing that happens seems to make the slightest sense. It is set in pre-revolutionary China and tells the story of a thief who is an expert in martial arts. While he is being chased he has epic fight scenes in which he shows great talent in Kung Fu, although these scenes are full of comedy and completely ignore the laws of physics, he has moments that will make you laugh too much. This movie is available on Netflix.

On the other hand, if what you want for this weekend is a romantic story, these are the perfect Korean movies for the occasion.

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