Asia Argento vents: “My mom and I were drinking companions. When she disappeared I started to feel worse … Now I’m happy “

After talking about it on Instagram with a post, now comes an interview with the weekly Today in which Asia Argento tells of an important goal achieved, that of sobriety. Argento hasn’t drunk for a year: “I’m happy. To have survived. I broke the chain of addictions that ruined my life – he says – I had hit rock bottom “. A negative spiral that sucked her in after another period of sobriety that lasted 4 years and until 2017, when the case broke out Harvey Weinstein: “The tsunami that overwhelmed me has started … a series of terrible events culminating in my mother’s ischemia, her illness, in full Covid, in September 2020. I couldn’t see her. An excruciating pain … I relapsed into a depression that I had suffered from at other times in my life. I couldn’t get out of bed, I went out of the house just to bring her clothes. When she left, I started to feel worse. I drank a lot … Alcohol had been the meeting ground with her, we were drinking companions. I had to get rid of the resentment for the physical and psychological violence she had done to me when I was a child. On her deathbed I told her I forgave her, but I also apologized for not being the good daughter he wanted“.


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