Ashley Graham: Ashley Graham talks about hair loss during pregnancy

Ashley Graham is known for being honest and open about her body online. From baby body updates to her mental state, Ashley Graham tells it like it is. In her latest Instagram post, the model shows how her hair has changed after pregnancy.

Ashley Graham, 34, has seen many changes in herself during and after pregnancy. The mom of three welcomed her first child in January 2020 with husband Justin Ervin. The twins followed almost two years later. Now she talks about the difficulties she has been struggling with since the first birth.

Ashley Graham offers a glimpse into the not-so-perfect life

In an interview with Parents The beauty reveals she struggled with extreme hair loss during her first pregnancy. Already in the fourth month of pregnancy she lost her entire hairline. She goes on to say that her hair fell out in clumps. She found this fact “more traumatic than birth”. When Ashley learned that many women struggled with pregnancy, she regained hope.

Sexy posing: This is what the beauty looks like today

In the latest post on Instagram, Ashley Graham shows off a colorful wrap top and white pants. Her long hair looks healthy and shiny again. If you click through the slideshow to the end, you can see how her hairline has evolved after two years. Many small baby hairs show up, which thicken the top hair again.

Fans appreciate her honesty, commenting things like, “I think of you now every time I look at my own hairline.” The model obviously gives her followers a reassuring feeling and shows that hair loss can be a symptom of pregnancy. Despite a growing hairline, fans agree: Ashley Graham is and remains a stunning appearance.

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Ashley Graham isn’t the only celebrity to be honest about her pregnancy. In March 2021, Marie Nasemann talked about her experiences with her hair loss. Together with the expert Dr. Murat Dagdelen, we shed light on everything related to the topic.


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