Ashlee Simpson Ross: Touching photo greeting! Ashlee Simpson celebrates son Bronx’s birthday

The Hollywood news in the GALA ticker: Ashlee Simpson Ross congratulates son Bronx on his 14th birthday +++ Kate Hudson dedicates touching words to Mama Goldie Hawn on her birthday +++ Hilaria Baldwin reports on her daughter Marilu’s accident.

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November 23, 2022

Ashlee Simpson Ross: Magical birthday wishes to son Bronx

Mum’s heart couldn’t be prouder! Ashlee Simpson Ross, 38, celebrates her eldest’s birthday with a touching photo greeting on Instagram. For a typical mother-teenager shot, which shows her beaming and the now 14-year-old with a slightly annoyed facial expression, she writes on his day of honor: “BRONX, happy birthday, my grown boy, I can’t believe you’re 14 are you.” The singer is convinced: “You are the nicest and coolest. I am so happy to be your mother.”

Bronx comes from the musician’s relationship with “Fall Out Boy” bassist Pete Wentz, 43. The no less proud dad also shares a selfie with his big one in his Instagram story. “Happy birthday my husband. Happy to be your father,” he writes. Aunt Jessica Simpson, 42, also joins in the loving congratulations and comments a photo with her nephew with the following words: “Happy 14th birthday BX!!! I love you so much. You are a gift to all who are lucky enough to know, love and be loved by you”, and further: “Being your aunt…was…ALWAYS…WILL be…one of the most precious blessings of my life! Thank you for being YOU!”

November 22, 2022

Kate Hudson: Emotional congratulations to mom Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn celebrated her 77th birthday on November 21st. To mark the occasion, Kate Hudson, 43, sends her famous mother some heartwarming words. “So glad I can celebrate my beautiful mother every day, but today is the day she was born! I wonder if God knew what was concocted in the stars to create this radiant light,” he said the actress via Instagram. “She has challenged the brightest minds, stood up for their worth, paved the way for us to walk them more easily […] She persevered through the most difficult moments and never takes no for an answer.”

In addition to her touching lines, the 43-year-old shares a series of snapshots showing Goldie Hawn with her at events or with the grandchildren playing. “My mother’s life is a treasure trove of wisdom and I am deeply honored to know her so well. Most importantly, she always wanted to be, and is, the best mother and grandmother,” Kate Hudson continues ends her post with an emotional declaration of love: “You are my one and only.”

Hilaria Baldwin worried: daughter Marilu fell badly

When she got this “terrible call,” Hilaria Baldwin’s, 38, mother’s heart was believed to be in her throat. The wife of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, 64, now reports on Instagram about the bad fall of her one-year-old child Marilu – including photo evidence of the injury.

The little Baldwin girl looks sadly at the camera. His right eye is swollen and red-blue undershot. With a “You will see this violet for a while” Hilaria turns to her nearly one million Instagram followers. When the mother of seven and former yoga teacher was out with her eldest daughter Carmen and 4-year-old Romeo, she received a “terrible call”: Daughter Marilu had fallen and “slammed her face on a metal table leg,” says Hilaria. But she immediately gives the all-clear: “Thank God she’s fine… it was just scary and she’s going to have bruises for a while.”

November 21, 2022

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in cuddle mode

Ben Affleck, 50, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, have been married for four months and appear to be still enjoying their marital bliss to the fullest. The “Marry Me” actress shares a video with her 226 million followers via Instagram, which shows her cuddly with her loved one. As she sits on his lap, her face pressed against his, a child’s voice is heard saying, “I made it. I found the person who makes me happier than ever.” Then the two superstars laugh at the camera.

In addition to more than 1.6 million likes, numerous red heart emojis and enthusiastic comments are collected under their posting. “Stop it I’m crying Jen oh my god soul mates I’m so happy you both found your person,” wrote one user. Another puts it in a nutshell: “Bennifer Forever!”

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